The 3 Best Times to Eat Sugar

When to Eat Sugar

There are times when it’s OK to eat sugar. I mean, let’s be realistic. When we talk about being “healthy for life,” this includes occasional indulgences.


Sugar doesn’t always taste like sugar. White bread and breakfast cereal don’t taste necessarily sweet, but their glycemic indexes are higher than that of table sugar. That means they will cause your blood sugar to rise faster than table sugar. To yo

ur body, they are VERY sweet!


So let’s talk in terms of high-glycemic foods, versus sugar, since that’s more comprehensive. The high-glycemic foods are often the ones you want to keep eating after you’re full, because it’s hard to stop. 🙂


So when is ok to eat high-glycemic foods?


Ideally, when ALL THREE of the following are true:


The protein and fat will slow down how fast your blood sugar goes up. For example, I had some cake at a friend’s wedding. I had just eaten salmon for protein and fat, and my blood sugar remained stable.


If you are going to have pancakes on Sunday morning, put almond butter on them for your healthy fat and protein — also use buckwheat or multi-grain pancakes rather than white ones to lower the glycemic index — and then go ahead and use the maple syrup. Everyone is different, so notice how you feel after you’ve made the choice to eat something higher glycemic and monitor what works for you.


It is a need when your blood sugar is too low, when you are living on a high-glycemic roller coaster, and often when you are under a lot of stress and/or sleep deprived.


If you are having a lot of uncontrollable cravings, it is not generally a matter of will power. If you NEED a certain high-glycemic food, it may be time to do (or re-do) the 5-day RESET sugar cleanse to stablize you and eliminate the cravings.


If you are under a lot of stress, make it a priority to learn to manage it. This could include anything from beginning a 5-minute daily meditation to a undertaking a complete life transformation. Stress can be external or internal. If you are someone who is extremely hard on yourself, for example, that’s stressful.


Stress is a factor in needing sugar because it will cause your body to release glucose (sugar) into the blood stream. It does this to give you an energy source to deal with the stress, because it thinks you need to fight or flee, even though you probably don’t. The result is to get your blood sugar out of balance, setting you up for a crash and cravings. Plus, stress is just generally damaging to your body and quality of life.


The total glycemic index of a meal or snack is an average of everything you are eating at that time. When you choose to eat something high glycemic — and you’re including some good fats and protein — keep the high-glycemic percentage small.

Top 6 Reasons to Manage Your Blood Sugar:

  1. You’ll have more energy.
  2. You’ll store less fat and have a healthier metabolism.
  3. You’ll think more clearly.
  4. You’ll sleep better.
  5. You’ll reduce inflammation in your body, reducing your risk of disease.
  6. You’re less likely to have high cholesterol, blood pressure, & triglycerides.


So, do you agree or disagree it’s ok to eat some sugar sometimes? Post a comment!

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